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Happy Clients


 When I started to work with Alex approximately a year ago, I had a severe anxiety on a daily basis. I was suffering daily, feeling so controlled by my anxiety and in prisoned by my own thought process, that there were days I seriously considered getting some medication treatment. The only thing that was stopping me is my 7 years sobriety. It is pretty incredible what therapy can do for you. I’ve never realized before how much I suffered, but once I started to heal, I understood, my whole life up until now, and I am 45, I was just living in a trance, and sincerely didn’t know that this hell I lived in, this state of trance, is something I had to wake up from. Alex worked through with me to help me overcome this emotional charge that blocked me and my life is completely different now.

Dana P., Los Angeles, CA.



 I was having a lot of difficulties with my finances and there was no one I could talk to about it. I was too ashamed and I knew that because of my situation I would not find a lot of sympathy. But I was wrong. Dr. Melkumian didn't judge me, but instead helped me to uncover the resentment and anger that was leading me to make poor financial choices. By uncovering the root cause of my financial anxiety, I was able to stabilize my finances instead of having them trigger me into crazy spending. 

Alicia M., Los Angeles, CA.



 Today’s session helped me clearly identify the tools/steps I can use when life knocks me down with unexpected changes, which I’m not prepare for. Steps such as: putting down on paper all the facts and seeing it in front of me, instead of keeping it in my head; writing down my resentments and most importantly my fears in order to release the weight of emotional burden, which effects my perspective on the situation and eventually dictates and controls my decisions making process; raising my energy by praying and meditating as well as attending the meetings.


The biggest realization I had during the session, when I was pointed out, the life I’m trying to expand is already happening to me. The reason I don’t recognize it, because I’m approaching the new events in my life, events occurring as a direct result of my work btw., with the old thinking patterns, interpreting them based on fears I’m very attached to, not the newly and slowly evolving in me faith, which understandable so has yet to find a solid and stable ground.

Pam M., Los Angeles, CA